I am honored to proclaim on behalf of the faculty members and administration, that we are working to fulfill our faculty mission and strategic aim in the context of the broad vision of Suez Canal University, supervised by the university president Prof. Mohamed Mohamadain.


We are esteemed to receive your comments and suggestions for the sake of better formulation of the faculty’s vision, while actuating the faculty constructive educational and social roles. We opt to facilitate an efficient matching between market needs –domestically and globally-with our educational outputs, along with supporting our alumni to be extraordinary individuals who would serve -professionally-in domestic and international organizations.


Faculty Dean

Prof. Ahmed Zaki

The Faculty of Commerce is an educational and research institute that is specialized in commercial studies, together with various study programs and qualified curriculums; we opt to create a convenient environment for scientific researching, for better analysis of information and efficient delivery of scientific recommendations and policy implications.
Pioneering and coping with the revolutionary technological era that requires exploring future horizons, like computer sciences and related academic skills.